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How to find the Perfect Kids Gifts


Tips for Choosing Gifts for Kids

Presents and gifts are meaningful and bring joy. Choosing gifts for kids can be challenging. You want your gift to be loved but also used. Everyone loves the joy that lights a child’s eyes when they open a present they love. But there are many factors to consider before deciding on the perfect gift. Here are some tips to choosing the perfect gift for the child in your life.


Consider age. Age can be a deciding factor in the choice of the perfect gift. Some gifts have targeted age groups. It’s handy to know the age of the child you’re purchasing the gift for. It will also allow your gift to be more personal and useful.


There’s no doubt some toys aren’t suitable for certain age groups. For instance, you wouldn’t want to gift a model airplane assembly kit to a newborn or toddler, unless they are already at that level, but shopping can still be fun.


Look at their interests. If they’re still developing their interests, gift them something that can help them explore them further. Perhaps writing or drawing will become their new favorite activity. There is a myriad of gifts designed for kids play. Consider gifts inside their interests, but also gifts they haven’t expressed an interest in.


Their gender. There are plenty of gender-neutral gifts out there. However, if you want something designed with their gender in mind, you need to take that into consideration. Gifts for girls or gifts for boys are generally different. But it’s also okay to be open to gifting gifts to a gender the toy isn’t targeted toward. Boys can learn to cook, for instance, and girls can learn engineering and building.


Choose something unique. Unique gifts for kids will leave a lasting impression. And will more than likely stick around for a long while. What is something that no one else is purchasing them? What about something handmade? Or something that can’t be easily picked off a store shelf and bought?


Ask around. What are others buying the child? What have you purchased for them in the past? What kinds of gifts do people usually buy your child? Is there anything on the child’s wish list? Even knowing what the child doesn’t like will help you narrow down you list of potential gift ideas.

What’s the occasion? Gifts can be influenced by the holiday or celebration. Does the family celebrate Hanukah, Christmas, or another holiday? Is it their birthday? Is it Valentine’s Day? Take this into consideration to help narrow down your choices.


If nothing else, choose an old favorite. Stuffed animals and plush toys have been a solid favorite for years. Think of the Teddy Bear; a classic stuffed animal that is still heavily purchased today. These are a great option, especially if the child is young.


Know what their parents prefer or allow. Some parents have strict guidelines regarding the kinds of toys their children are allowed to play with. Be familiar with these. If you aren’t, ask. You don’t want to purchase a gift that will be thrown in the trash.


How do you choose the perfect gifts for kids? What was your favorite gift as a child?

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