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Decorating Your Home with Books ūüďö

We are in a day and age where books are mostly read using book readers, e-readers and tablets.  Why not? These are handier, environment-friendly and of course, more practical as it does not take so much space especially in your home; not to mention the fact that you can bring it anywhere you go.

If you are living in a small home, it is not practical to keep a lot of books because for one, surely you won’t read these books again and again; perhaps, you’ll only read them once in your lifetime. Second, it will only accumulate dust and dirt and cleaning up would just take so much of your time. Lastly, you would want to make use of your space for more important things.

But then again, nothing beats the good vibes and feels that these books give especially if you are using them as your home decorations. Think about it; if you stack books in your shelves, you would feel accomplished even by looking at them. What is more exciting is if you are using designer books along with your personal collection.

So how do you design your home with designer books?

If you have no shelves, then that’s not a problem. Remember, you don’t need shelves to use books as decorations. You can simply place these books on your coffee tables, ottomans and even on your side tables. Just lay them flat and you are good to go.

On the other hand, if you have shelves, you can put the books wherever and however, you want. Books don’t have to be stacked in the same height or colors. In fact, it would be nicer if they are not uniformly arranged as this gives dimension and depth. Arranging them vertically and horizontally gives it a more inviting feel as guests would not feel intimidated of touching your books.

However, if you feel like having color-coordinated books and arrange them according to height, you can do that too.

Just in case you run out of shelf-space, you can also stack the books on the floor. Imagine this; in a corner of your room, place a rug or carpet, floor pillows, and the books. Your kids will surely have fun sitting down and playing in that area. It is also a great place to entertain your guests especially if you want to have intimate bonding moments when you talk about your lives.

The possibilities are endless when you use designer books as your home decorations. You can use them as the focal point of your room or they can be the accent pieces to make your room homier and elegant. 

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