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Don't Make These Interior Design Mistakes!

Decorating your home is fun and exciting, but sometimes mistakes can be made. Even the smallest wrong choice can completely throw a room off. In this blog, we’ll discuss some common interior design mistakes that many people are guilty of and can negatively affect your home. If you’re planning to redecorate a room in your home or are searching for incredible home decor and accessories, don’t hesitate to check out Cece and Me now!

Buying Decor That’s the Same Height

Scale and proportion is vital to a room and having decor that’s the same height will make the room seem too big or too large, depending on the size. Think of the room as a small city and add differing heights and proportions. A tall painting on the mantle framed by candle sticks, vases, trinkets, and other shapes will add visual interest to the room. You may have to work with the space to make sure the proportions are just right, but the end results will be surprisingly wonderful.

Choosing the Wrong Size of Rug

If you choose a rug that is too big or small for the room, it can seriously affect the room’s overall aura. This can be easily fixed by choosing a rug that is the right size. Generally an 8’ by 10’ rug is the perfect size for most living rooms. If you’re in an apartment, it may need to be reduced to a 7’ by 9’, but when you choose the right rug proportions, the room will seem larger and more open.

Copying Everything

Some people simply follow the newest trend or room design without considering whether or not it complements the home or your own personal style. Don’t throw out everything that you love to chase the newest trend. Think about what you really love and shape your home around that. If stripes, florals, and prints speak to you, add as many as you like to your living room. Don’t allow what the newest issue of a popular design magazine says is trendy and cool to dictate the design of your home. Carefully place some popular trends in your home, but stick with what you love first. You’ll be happier when you feel like your home is your own rather than a replica of the trendy design store down the street.

Having Only One Light Source

If you are only getting light from the overhead fixture, it’s time to invest in a few lamps. Harsh lighting can make your home seem impersonal and overwhelming, while too little light may have you and your family always yawning. Install a few dimmer switches to add soft light to the the room, and a strategic lamp placed in a corner will add a golden glow. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a room will be transformed by soft and gentle lighting.

Learn from these mistakes and evaluate your home to make sure that you’re not guilty of these wrong decorating decisions. If you need to add some new life to your home, check out Cece and Me today for an incredible selection of home decor and accessories. You won’t be disappointed! Shop now!

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