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Finding Your Home Decor Style

Finding Your Home Decor Style

When faced with choosing your home design style, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Figuring out what you like and don’t like is a long endeavor and isn’t simply solved in one fell swoop. One of the best ways to begin the decorating process is by choosing your personal decor style and then moving on from there. Once you’ve chosen your own personal style, check out CeCe and Me for all of your home decor online shopping needs. We’re always updating our stock to reflect trendy home decor styles and designs so your home will look perfect! Shop our website today!

Contemporary Style

This expression focuses on the here and now. Its clean lines and sleek designs are perfect for the individual who love simplicity and minimalism. You can choose to decorate in neutrals such as beige, white, gray, and black, or add some fun pops of color and prints for a creative flair.

Glam Style

The perfect decor choice for the fashionable person, glam focuses on lush textures, jewel tones, beautiful mirrors, and gorgeous furniture. Maximalism is the name of your game, so add plenty of fur and velvet-tufted throw pillows, eclectic figurines, stunning art prints, and plush rugs for a supremely elegant and stunning home.

Modern Classic Style

Modern classic is a wonderful hybrid of a trendy design with a classic style. The best way to marry these two elements together is by color. Some common shades include chocolate, white, gray, silver, black, and blue. These colors create a relaxing and zen home full of calming undertones. Choose a couch in a soft gray and add some soothing texture with a blue rug and silver coffee table.

Eclectic Style

The choice for the rule-breaker, eclectic home decor has no rules. Mixing and matching different decor styles is the core your home, and combining different elements and pieces together to create a funky and individual space will be sure to make your home a unique place.

Industrial Style

For the primitive lover of texture, a home decorated with industrial expression will include well-worn woods, metal, leather, and gray elements. Many men love this style because it’s simple but still masculine and is easily maintained. Try adding a rough-hewn table with galvanized metal chairs for an unexpected combination.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Stemming from the 1950s and 60s, this decor is full of contemporary patterns and interesting shapes and lines. It draws its inspiration from mad-made functionality and nature, so expect to see deep woods and sleek composition paired with unexpected patterns and rich colors.

Modern Victorian Style

Fit for a princess, this decor style seamlessly intertwines modern elements with traditional Victorian flair. You can achieve this style by adding a tufted tuxedo sofa, an ornate mirror, beautiful ceramic lamps, and a jewel-toned Turkish rug.

Rustic Style

Rustic furniture and decor doesn’t mean that you have to built your own bedframe. This unexpected and interesting style is perfect for the individual who loves nature, the earth, and organic elements. A well-worn leather couch paired with a jute rug and an antique mantle piece will be sure to make your home feel delightfully pastoral.

Traditional Style

Born out of the Colonial era, this decor style is primarily concerned with familiarity and comfort. Add that beautiful table from your great-grandmother to your kitchen along with some modern elements to create a cozy and warm atmosphere and home.

Whatever your personal decor style may be, CeCe and Me is sure to have the perfect decor pieces that will complete your home. Shop our website today to find your own unique home decor online!

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