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How to Make Your Home Look Expensive With Decorative Pillows

A lot of times, you are thinking of ways to upgrade the look of your home. It is expensive for sure and if finances can get in a way in your plans, it is surely frustrating. Think about how expensive it is to buy new furniture, decorations and carpets; you’d definitely empty your pockets.

However, that is something you should not worry about in giving your home a new look. There are more affordable ways to do so; for instance, throwing in some new decorative pillows in your living room.

Here are the things that you can do:

Look for inspiration

Before buying the decorative pillows, it is always best to look for inspiration among the things that you already have; for example, your vases, painting, couch and decors. What are the textures of these items? Check the colors that will stand out as well as the style you already have at home. This way, you can gauge whether you want your decorative pillows to match with what already have or make your pillows as the focal point in which you take it up a notch higher by making it brighter and a bit different from the rest.

For example, let’s say you have a modern minimalist home and the predominant colors you have in your living room is neutral shades of brown, white, beige. What you can do is to put bright decorative pillows with patterns just to break the monotony of the room.

Check how others use decorative pillows

If you are still not sure on how to use decorative pillows, you can also research about it. There are a lot of websites that show images of how decorative pillows are used. You can also go to showrooms and see how they are used or maybe at your friend’s home. Get as many inspirations as you can and narrow down your choices until you can find the right one. If in case you have a lot of ideas that you want implemented, you can buy sets of decorative pillowcases of different colors and use them periodically if you need to wash the others.

Check how you are going to use these pillows

If you decide to use these pillows are purely decorative, you can opt for textured pillows. Make sure though that your guests won’t use these pillows to sleep on. There are a lot of decorative pillows that are beaded, stitched and even with beautiful decors.

However, if these pillows can be used for sleeping, then perhaps it would be best to use smooth cases so that it won’t scratch the skin of the user. Also, consider if the pillows’ cases can be changed or not. If they can’t be changed opt for dark colors to hide the possible stains it will incur. If they can be changed, then you can use lighter colors.

Mixing it up

It is good to mix things up to make your home look more expensive. Let’s say you can opt of different textured pillows with the same color of different shades. For example, you want to use green; use those with different shades of green, light and dark. It would also be nice to use pillows of different shapes and those with nice designs. By mixing it up, the pillows can now be focal point of your home especially if these are the only items that brighten up the whole room.

With all of these, you can surely have an expensive-looking home without actually changing your whole interior. These decorative throw pillows will surely not empty your pockets.

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