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Rug Care and Cleaning


  •  Did you know a rug pad is one of the best ways to extend the life of your rug? Since your rug wears from the bottom up, rug pads slow this process as well as make your rug more comfortable, secure and safe. Did you remember to add a rug pad to your order? Don’t worry, we can help!  
  •  Never use a high powered vacuum or vacuum with a beater bar on your handmade rugs.
  •  Use care with the serging or edges of your rug. These areas are the most sensitive and should not be vacuumed over.
  •  Never rub a spill. Instead, blot with a clean white cloth. Use Surya Stain Remover for stubborn spots.
  •  Always consult us regarding the specific cleaning instructions for your rug. Different materials require specific care and cleaning.