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Wooden Plate Gift Set ~ Elephant

Wooden Plate Gift Set ~ Elephant

These fun and whimsical sets are sure to add some whimsy to any meal you place on them. We love the divided sections for little ones so you can have several different options on one plate for them to eat, but they don't necessarily have to be touching (we know some of us don't like that).  

  • Made from pine with a polyurethane coating
  • The plate measures: w9.65" h0.79" d7.87
  • Ceramic mug measures: w4.13" h2.56" d3.35"
  • Fork & Spoon measures: w1.38" h5.51" d0.39"
  • Set Size: w16.73" h3.94" d9.84"
Hand washing is recommended.


Making Meals Fun, One Kid at a Time!

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